White Label supplements
for a blue planet

White Label
for a blue planet

Our purpose

To stop unnecessary harvesting of fish from our oceans to make omega-3 supplements.

Wellness Innovations Incubator (WIINC) is a purpose-driven Dutch company committed to improving human health while ensuring a vibrant future for our oceans. We make sustainable, plant-based omega-3 products with minimal environmental impact and maximum nutritional benefits.

Our plant-based white label supplements

With over 10 years of expertise in the algae oil industry, we offer high quality algae oil capsules at an accessible price for anyone who believes in a more responsible omega-3 industry.

Business models for strong relationships and healthy oceans

We support sales for our white label customers through our mission-driven brands Testa Omega-3 and Daily Supplements. Our education and advocacy campaigns help consumers understand why ocean health depends on the complete replacement of fish oil with algae-sourced omega-3.

Algae offers countless opportunities for innovative products for every audience segment.